Key Assets

Welcome To The 125th Sale Featuring State Of The Art Biopharma R&D Lab Equipment From The World’s Premier Pharmaceutical Manufacturer!


  • Malvern ZEN3600 Particle Analyzer
  • SP Virtis 35L Lyophilizer
  • Beckman Coulter PA 800 Plus Analyzer
  • BD Biosciences FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer
  • BD Biosciences FACSCanto Floy Cytometer
  • Biocore T100
  • (2) Sartorius Biostat C-DCU Fermenters
  • Agilent Technologies 01867-201 Thermal Microplate Sealer
  • Waters e2695 Seperations Module
  • Bio-RAD Droplet Reader PCR
  • & More!