Key Assets

New and Manufacturer Refurbished Atmospheric Robots, Complete Robot Track Kits, and factory automation parts and assemblies (SMIF load ports, 200mm Sorters, Lithography Storage, RFID)



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Atmospheric Robots  

Equipe WXM Top Mount (WTM) Wet Robots, Copper and Non-Copper (Chelmsford, MA)
Equipe AXM Top and Bottom Mount (ATM / ABM) Robots (Chelmsford, MA)
AcuTran 7 Top Mount Robot (Chelmsford, MA)

Equipe Tracks (Portland, OR)
Yaskawa Transfer Robot Linear Track
* Complete AIT Track Kits
* Complete Track Motor Kits


Vacuum Robots  (Chelmsford, MA)

* MTR Robots

* MTR robot arm assemblies

* VTR Robots


Semiconductor Fabrication Factory automation parts and assemblies  (Chelmsford, MA and Jena, Germany)

* ErgoSpeed II SMIF Load Port

* ISE SMIF Robot

* SMIF POD Opener

* MTX Sorter

* Lithography Storage





Additional information on Factory Parts Bulk Lots:

Lot 10 AcuTran

Lot 11, 12, 16 WTM-511

Lot 17,18 TRA Series

Lot 19 AXM 400

Lot 25 DS mag 70

Lots 10-31 Atmospheric Robots

Lots 125-130 Vacuum Robots

Lots 135-136 Factory Products & Parts Inventory

Lots 140-141 Yaskawa (YEC) Semistar Linear Track & Inventory

Lot 300 CTI Pumps & Compressors

Lots 501-510 Factory, RFID, Vacuum, and Atmospheric Automation Parts & Assemblies located in Jena, Germany


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Additional Photos for Lot 503


Additional Photos for Lot 504