Key Assets

Online Auction Featuring Food Production And R&D Equipment Surplus To Future Needs Of Impossible Foods!

Including R&D Lab Equipment:

  • Sartorious Stedem Biostat B Plus Fermenter
  • Thermo Fisher Ultimate 3000 HPLC
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek NXP Span 8 Liquid Handler
  • Thermo Fisher LTQ Velos Linear Mass Spectrometer
  • Lancer 1300 LX Washer
  • Nuare Biosafety Cabinets
  • Incubator Shakers

Food Process Equipment:

  • JLS Talon Thermoformer Loading System
  • Ross Industries IN-850 Tray Sealer
  • Westfalia Centrifuge Skid
  • Butler Automatic Autosplicer
  • Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
  • Southern Scientific Intermediate Scale Freezer Dryer
  • & More!