Key Assets

Online Auction Featuring Quality Hummus & Dips Manufacturing Equipment No Longer Needed By Sabra!

Including Hummus Processing:

  • Stephan S/S Combi Cut Batch Mixer Model: TC300
  • Feldmeier 1,000 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom Jacketed S/S Processor
  • 450 Gallon S/S Horizontal Ribbon Blender with Drive
  • Skid-Mounted 350 Gallon Jacketed S/S Hummus Grain Cooker with Controls
  • (2) MTC S/S Column Dumpers Model HLC-2, 800 LB Capacity
  • Cober Electronics Microwave
  • Bakers Pride Cyclone Series 2-Door Oven

Sterilizer & Pasteurizer:

  • 2015 Cartigliano Radio Frequency Sterilization System Model: RF45KWEVO
  • Skid-Mounted Pasteurizer with 350 Gallon and 125 Gallon S/S Tanks, Platform, (3) Pumps, (5) Sinee EM100 Variable-Frequency Drives, Digital Displays, Contactors and S/S Enclosure
  • 12-Pass Multi-Tube Heat Exchanger Mounted on S/S Frame


  • NEW AFA Systems MK-IMA – MK Series Compact Intermittent Motion Autoload Cartoner
  • (2) 2016 Pack Line Fully Automatic Dual-Lane Filling, Sealing and Capping Machine Model PXG-2
  • 2015 Pack Line Fully Automatic Dual-Lane In-line Filling and Sealing Machine Model PXM-2
  • 2020 Hunter Filling Systems Volumetric Piston Filler Model: 1535
  • WeighPack S/S 2-Bucket Vibratory Scale with Fortress Metal Detector
  • PDC Shrink Labeler Model R-250-TS-ERT
  • PDC Shrink Labeler Model R-300-TS-CB
  • PDC Tamper Evident Bander Model UWS-20
  • (2) PDC 12’ Steam Shink Tunnels Model: KST-80
  • Adco Automatic Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner Model 15BBCS-110-WD
  • EDL Packer, S/S Wrapper and Shrink Tunnel
  • 2016 Tadbik S/S Pressure Sensitive Labeler Model: TD700M
  • Sesotec Mobile S/S Metal Detector Model: Intuity 350/150-IC, with 13.5″ x 4.625″ Aperture
  • 3M Matic, Eagle and Little David Mobile Top/Bottom Case Tapers


  • (2) CIP Skids with 100 Gallon S/S Tank, Enerquip S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Steam Set and Trap, Air Valves, Chemical and Temperature Transmitters, Anderson AJ-300 Chart Recorder/Controller, Operator Control Panel and Centrifugal Pump
  • (3) 2021 SPX Positive Displacement Pumps Model 006 U1
  • SPX Positive Displacement Pumps Sizes 320, 130, 060 and 030
  • Fristam Centrifugal Pumps
  • Vibratory Sifters and Shakers, S/S Framed Conveyor
  • Gardner Denver 94 HP Air Compressor Model: VS70, 125 PSI
  • Quincy Northwest 50 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor Model: QNW241-D