Key Assets

Online Auction Featuring Vessels & Intangible Property From An Innovative & Patented Aquaculture Net Washing Company!

Inviting Pre-Auction Offers On All Assets As a Bundle!

Including 2 Ocean Vessels:

  • “Sho Am Hungry” Live Aboard Ocean Vessel 41’x 13′
    • Includes 250 HP Tesla Beta Washing System
    • Wireless Crane & Pressure Hose Spooling System
    • Unused Tesla Alpha Auxiliary Hydraulic System
    • M225Ti Diesel Powered
    • 2300 Hours on Main, 3400 Hours on Pump Module
  • “Tesla Inegrator” Super Skiff Ocean Vessel, 37′ x 13′
    • Twin Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Supply Tanks (2000 Litre)
    • Tesla Alpha Roof Mounted Winches
    • Pedestal Mounted Marine Crane
    • Tesla Alpha Auxiliary Hydraulic System
    • Twin 300HP Supercharged Outboard Motors

System Components & Ready Spares:

  • Caterpillar C7 Dry Exhaust Configured, Turbo Intercooled 300 Hp Marine Diesel Motor
  • Woma ARP 250 P65 (Duplex Stainless) Seawater Pressure Pump With 1800 RPM Gear Ratio, Ceramic Plungers
  • Pulsation Damping System
  • 5 Custom Engineered And Branded 1 ¼ ID Thermoplastic Hose Assemblies (400’ Spools) With Open Flow Designed 316 Stainless Fittings
  • New Hayward Engineered Type II PVC Moulded Seawater Filter Systems
  • Twin (Hydraulic Driven, Seawater Optimized) Self Priming Booster Pumps
  • Engineered Overhead Fishnet Zip Line Setup With Full Complement Of Components To Service One Complete Commercial Salmon Farm Installation

Intellectual Property:

  • Vortex Washer Patent (Tesla Alpha H2O)
  • Commercial Fishing License
  • Pump Engineering Drawings
  • Washer Engineering Drawings
  • Cable Car Engineering Drawings
  • Production Results Reports
  • Electronic Documents
  • Promotional Demo Videos