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Key Assets


  • Of Special Interest: Complete Roller Bottle BioPharma Processing Line

The roller bottle machine (RBM) was manufactured by K.T. MFC Co., LTD in Japan.  It has the capability of automatically filling, withdrawing, and rinsing plastic roller bottles used for mammalian cell culture.  The machine is designed to maintain sterility of cell culture fluids, and is capable of processing volumes up to ~ 500ml per bottle.  The machine operates at a rate of up to 25 bottles per minute.  The machines consists of an in-feed turn table, conveyors, a de-capping station, a withdrawal station, a filling station, a second withdrawal station, a second filling station, a capping station, and an out-feed turntable.  Each process station consists or four nozzles.  The machine utilizes a peristaltic pump for solution removal and operates off from pressure feed for solution delivery.  The machine is constructed of stainless steel and product contact parts are suitable for chemical cleaning and steam sterilization.

  • AquaStore 400,000 Gallon Glass Coated Bolted Steel
  • Alpha Laval S-50 Centrifuge with many accessories
  • Creative Design & Machine Inc. Stainless Steel Lift
  • GEA Niro, Soavi Homogenizer
  • Rodent workstations (Multiple)
  • Steris/Finn Aqua GMP Sterilizer Model 669-B-GMB-AB
  • Fisher Hamilton Bench Hod Model 61L
  • Drum hauler