Kirk Dove

Rouse’s Point, NY
Pearl River, NY
Groton, CT
Cleveland (Parma), OH
Andover, MA

Durham, UK

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Key Assets

Please Note:
Lots 1  thru 688 will begin to close at 10AM EDT, June 20th
Lots 700 and above will be to closing at 10AM EDT on June 21th


The Third Event In A Series Of State Of The Art Surplus BioPharma R&D Lab Asset Sales From The World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Featuring Over 500 Lots Including:

• HPLC Systems, Modules & Support
• GC & LC Systems
• NMR Systems
• Mass Spectrometers
• Spectrometers
• Spectrophotometer
• Assorted Analyzers
• Microscopes
• Analytical and Top-Load Balances
• Incubators
• Centrifuges
• Vacuum Pumps
• Liquid Handling System
• Robotic Workstation
• ULT Freezers
• General Lab Refrigerators and Freezers
• Consumables & Disposables
• DNA Sequencers
• DNA Synthesizers
• Electrophoresis
• Filling & Capping Systems
• Tablet Coating & Counting Systems
• Tablet Presses
• Mixers

And Much, Much More! Full Catalog and Photos To Be Uploaded Soon!