Key Assets

ASML Twinscan XT1250B, 193nM Scanner, 200mm & 300mm. Mfg date 2004. Integrated w/ DNS RF3 Coat/ Develop system (2005). Includes Gigaphoton G42A4-1 Class 4 Excimer laser (2004).

KLA 2360 High Resolution Imaging Inspection System; Wafer defect inspection includes controller, load module, and inspection tool. Mfg date 2001.

AMAT VeritySem 3D metrology system. (1) 300mm loader & (2) 200mm loaders. Mfg date 2004.

AMAT HTF Centura CVD tool consisting of 2 deposition chambers, 1 RTP chamber. Mfg date 2000. Includes Neslab HX150 recirculating chiller, 1 Edwards IQDP80 vac pump w/ booster, and 2 Edwards IQDP40 vac pumps.

ASML PAS 5500/500 DUV Step and Scan Alignment System. Mfg date 1998. Includes Cymer ELS 5600 10W Excimer laser (1998). Integrated w/ DNS 80B DUV Coat/ Develop system.

(2) SVG Thermco Systems Advanced Vertical Processors Furnaces.

(3) SVG Thermco Systems Vertical Thermal Reactors Furnaces. 2 Oxide and 1 Poly tool.

IPEC Westech 472 CMP Polisher. Automatic wafer polisher. Mfg date 1995.

OnTrak DSS4200 Cleaner, double sided wafer scrubber. Mfg date 1996.

DNS 80 I-Line Coat/Develop. 2 photo resist chambers and 2 develop chambers. Includes chem distribution cabinets.

Lot 12 – ASML 1250B Lens Data Performance Summary

Lot 12 – ASML 1250B Spec Sheet

Lot 12 – DNS RF3 Spec Sheet

Lot 13 – ASML 500 Lens Data

Lot 13 – ASML PAS 500 Spec Sheet

Lot 8 – VeritySEM Spec Sheet