Key Assets

Hundreds Of Pieces Of High Quality, Late Model, General Purpose, Electronic Test & Measurement Instrumentation, featuring:

HP 87050A-H47 S-Parameter Test Set 1 118N
IFR Marconi 2026 Multisource Generators
Tektronix TDS 7104 Oscilloscopes
Agilent/HP 8714ES RF Network Analyzers
HP 54522A Oscilloscopes
Rohde & Schwarz FSEB 30 Spectrum Analyzers
Rohde & Schwarz fsig 13 Signal Analyzers
Agilent Technologies 54831B Infinium Oscilliscopes
HP 8753D Network Analyzers
HP 8753C Network Analyzers
HP 8753D Network Analyzers
Keithley 2820 RF Vector Signal Analyzer
Agilent Technologies 83732B Signal Generator
Also numerous function generators, S-Parameter test sets, power supplies, power sensors, spectrum analyzers, attenuators


& Much More!

Photos and Catalog Uploaded Soon!