Key Assets

Global Online Auction: Former Lab/R&D Equipment Assets  No Longer Required For The Ongoing Operations of Hologic.


Applied BioSystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System

Applied Biosystems Veriti 96 Well Thermal Cycler

Hybaid PCR Express System (4)

Beckman Coulter HPLC System (5+)

Beckman SPRI-TE Nucleic Acid Extractor System

Applied Cyto Fluor 4000 Multi-Well Plate Reader

Millipore Milli-Q Water Purification System

Qiagen Gentra AutoPure LS large sample nucleic Acid Purification System

Beckman BioMek 2000 Liquid Handling System (3)

Tecan Liquid Handling System (3)

Savant UVS400

BBraun Sigma 2k15

Jun-Air Compressor


Lab Benches



And Much More!!!