Key Assets

This plant maintains more than 40 years of excellence in polysilicon  production for electronics application, having consistently been awarded ISO, QS, EMAS, ISOTS, and OHSAS awards.

This plant has consistently upgraded its operations to the highest state of the art production capacity standards.

  • Approximate Total Property: 102,475 mq
  • Approximate Covered Area: 32,635 mq
  • Approximate Open Area: 60,365 mq

The plant is an integrated facility starting from chlorosilane production and ending in polysilicon production for PV and EG applications.

Technological Highlights:

  • All CVD reactors (12, 18, 36 and 54 rods) have been designed by SunEdison.
  • TCS and STC purity is assured by a proprietary patented reactive distillation technology, very effective in removing Boron but also Posphorous and other metals.
  • The overall process is designed and operated to handle DCS formation and allow to feed TCS + DCS to the CVD reactors.
  • STC converters are designed internally and assure high STC conversion rate and low energy consumption.
  • The Front End has been designed and constructed by Evonik Degussa AG.

Installed Capacity:

  • Technical Grade Chlorosilanes:
  • Up to 25,000 Metric Tons Annually
  • Trichlorosilane Electronic Grade for Epitaxially grown silicon:
  • Up to 600 Metric Tons Annually
  • Siemens Based Polycrystalline Silicon:
  • Up to 4,000 Metric Tons Annually – Photovoltaic Grade
  • Up to 1,850 Metric Tons Annually – Electronic Grade for Microelectronics

More Details Coming Soon!