Key Assets

Global Online Auction by order of  Eurofins Medinet, LLC  

By order of  Eurofins Medinet, LLC, a Global Online Only Auction for assets surplus to ongoing operations.

 High Quality BioPharma assets offered. Over 100 lots


  • ABI Sciex API5000 Mass Spectrometer
  • Waters Acquity HPLC
  • Agilent Technologies HPLC w/ OpenLab CDS Chemstation Workstation
  • Biorad Variant II with CPU
  • Konica SRX-101A Medical Film Processor
  • Varian 400-DS 5ml Dissolution Tester
  • Sensititre SensiTouch Microplate Reader
  • Labconco Freeze Dry Vacuum Pump model 117LPM
  • Labconco Centrivap 115V Solvent System
  • Dade Behring BCS XP Esoteric Immunoassy Analyzer
  • PLUS:  Nitrogen Generator Assembly, Tri-Gas Systems, AutoInoculators, Ductless Fume Hoods, Lab Benches, Office Furniture, Consumables

Of Special Interest: Phillips CM-120/PW6031 Transmission Electron Microscope  [Type PW6031/10  ,  NC#9432-060-31101  ,  S/N-D837  ,  Twin Objective Lenses  ,  (TEM Year 1993 ; Gatan Camera Upgrade Year-2009)  ,  (max kVp = 120  ;  tested at kVp = 60)].   With Equipment:  Side-Mount Gatan Orius SC200  120KEV CCD Camera With Controller  ;  With Haskris Chiller And Crooks Vacuum Pump  ;   With Documentation/Manuals.  This asset is located in Thousand Oaks, CA