Key Assets

Global Online Auction On Behalf Of Eurofins Medinet, LLC!


  • ABI Sciex API5000 Mass Spectrometer
  • Waters Acquity HPLC
  • Agilent Technologies HPLC w/ OpenLab CDS Chemstation Workstation
  • Biorad Variant II with CPU
  • Konica SRX-101A Medical Film Processor
  • Varian 400-DS 5ml Dissolution Tester
  • Sensititre SensiTouch Microplate Reader
  • Labconco Freeze Dry Vacuum Pump model 117LPM
  • Labconco Centrivap 115V Solvent System
  • Dade Behring BCS XP Esoteric Immunoassy Analyzer
  • & More!