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Key Assets

Four (4) Complete Cisco Telepresence CTS-3010 Video Conference Suites
Cisco TelePresence systems combine life-size, ultra-high-definition video (1080p), spatial audio, a specially designed environment, and interactive elements to create the feeling of being “in person” with participants in remote locations. This simple, easy-to-use solution allows you and other participants to communicate naturally and effectively.

By meeting “in person” with remote participants, you now have the potential to transform your business by getting closer to customers, suppliers, and partners, improving communications between remote groups or individuals and gaining time-to-market advantages. These benefits span all industries, including banking, manufacturing, retail, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, government, and education.

The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 provides a boardroom-style table that seats 6 participants on each side, providing a “virtual” table for 12 participants in a point-to-point meeting, or up to 372 participants in a multipoint session. The system provides an optimized experience through integrated equipment, including three 65-inch plasma screens; spatial audio; microphones; lighting; integrated Ethernet and power; and multiple ultra-high-definition codecs and cameras, all of which have been specially tuned to the large-group environment to optimize your experience.

The Cisco TelePresence Manager software integrates with enterprise groupware and Cisco ® Unified Communications Manager, so scheduling is as easy as sending a calendar invitation, and you can launch both point-to-point and multipoint calls with the push of a button on the meeting-room phone.


The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 is ideal for large group meetings, comfortably seating participants around a virtual table for applications such as customer engagements, presentations to groups, supply-chain dealings, press briefings, operational or engineering reviews, negotiations, or regular team meetings.

The life-size images and remarkable clarity allow you to see every expression, and the rich, CD-quality audio allows you to hear every word. The ease of use and integrated, optimized environmentals make it easy to schedule and launch calls by pushing one button. Integration with the highly available Cisco network offers reliability, quality of service (QoS), and security, giving you the confidence to use it for both internal and external meetings.

Features and Benefits

The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 integrates transparently with the rest of the Cisco TelePresence portfolio to offer the same high-quality Cisco TelePresence experience, including:

• The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 (part number CTS-3010) consumes less power than the Cisco TelePresence System 3000 (CTS-3000).

• The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 provides an improved data-share experience over the Cisco TelePresence System 3000.

• Specially designed, high-definition cameras provide high-quality, high-definition images, with excellent eye contact and no user operation required.

• Full-duplex, CD-quality audio provides a rich audio experience with no perceivable latency and no interference from mobile devices or cell phones.

• The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 offers optimized lighting and audio quality.

• Integration with common enterprise calendaring programs offers easy and automated call start and controls – you just push a button.

• Impromptu meetings allow you to meet “in person” anywhere there is a Cisco TelePresence endpoint at a moment’s notice – with just a phone call.

• Integration with the network helps ensure reliability with high availability, security, and QoS for an optimal experience. Highly secure communications are enabled through encryption of both video and call signaling.

• Secure and reliable inter- and intracompany calling between your organization and any other, including with public Cisco TelePresence Suites, is possible.