Key Assets

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A Complete Liquidation Of All Remaining Assets Of

The Iconic Kansas City Manufacturing Plant



Chillers & Air Handling


(3) Carrier Evergreen 800 Ton Centrifugal Chillers

(5) York 800 Ton Centrifugal Chillers

(2) Tranter Heat Exchanges

Carrier Portable Refrigerant Recovery Unit

And   More!




Caterpillar 250 KW

Caterpillar 350 KW


Machine Tools


(12) Hurco CNC Vertical Mills

(2) Gidding & Lewis Orion 2200 4 Axis Machining Center  

(4) Kearney & Trecker Orion 2200 4 Axis Machining Center

(4) Monarch Universal CNC Machine Lathe

(5) Charmilles Roboform & Robofill EDM

(2) Giddings & Lewis Cordax Measuring

(2) Sheffield Cordax Measuring

(4) Bostomatic CNC 4 Axis Machining Center

Nomura Automatic Lathe

Walter Grinders Inc. Heutronic Power CNC Cutter Grinder

(Over A Dozen) Hardinge Lathes

(Over A Dozen) Bridgeport, Moore, And Kearney & Trecker Mills

(2) Giddings & Lewis CNC Vertical Lathe

Leland & Gifford 4 Spindle Drill Press

Cincinnati Brickford Tool Radial Drill press

Edlund 4 Spindle Drill Press

(Dozens) Cincinnati, Niagara, Chicago Shears, Brakes, And Metal Workers

And  More!


Welding And Laser Equipment


(Multiple) Sciaky Electron Beam Welder

(Multiple) Weldline Automation Girth welding System

Preston Eaton Positioning Welder

(Multiple) MT Manufacturing Friction Inertia Welder

(Multiple) Weldline Automation Seam Welding System

(2) Laserdyne 200 Continuous Wave YAG Laser

Laserdyne 200 CI Industrial Welder Laser

Leybold Heraeus Electron Beam Welder

GSI Lumonics Light Wright SPE Laser Marker

(Over A Dozen) Various Miller, Lincoln, And Hobart Welders

And More!


Plastic Injection Molding


Cincinnati Milacron 150 Ton PC3

HMP 200 Ton IX6-SX

Deacon 375 Ton

Boy 15s

And  More!




Cincinnati 175 Ton

Minster 45 Ton ObI

Federal 50 Ton OBI

V&O 75 Ton OBI

Wabash 50 Ton Compression

Hull Corp 25 Ton

KR Wilson 140 Ton

Wabash 300 Ton

KR Wilson 350 Ton

And  More!


Fork Lifts, Order Pickers, Man Lifts, Walkie Stackers, Etc.


(Over 50) Various Makes, Models, And Variations By:

Raymond, Crown, Ruger, Yale, Hyster, Bigjoe


Furnaces, Ovens, Test Chambers, Etc.


(Over 100) Various Makes, Models, And Specifications By:

Blue, Webber, Despatch, Adaptive Electronics, Standard Environment Systems, Seco, Warwick, Batchmaster, Abar

And More!


Kitchen And Cafeteria Equipment


Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, Ovens, Dishwashers, Steamers, Meat Slicers, Food Slicers, Mixers, Griddles, Etc. By:

Hobart, McCall, Turbo Chef, Fry Master, Keating

And More!


Facility Support Equipment



Hose Reels



Hydraulic Lift tables & Carts

(Dozens) Variable Frequency Drives & Transformers

Vidmar & Kennedy Tool Chests & Cabinets

(1,000’s Of Sq. Ft.)  Pallet Racking

(Over 100) Flame Resistant Cabinets

And More!


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