Key Assets

Large Quantity of State of the Art Lab R&D and Processing Equipment No Longer Required by a Thousand Oaks Based Biotech Company. Assets Located at Multiple Sites!!



Of Special Interest:14,000 Liter Fermentor System including (1) SS tank (1) Agitator System with Shaft and Seals (2) Temperature control Skids (1) Gas Feed Skid (2) Condensate Return Skids (2) Control Panels

Of Special Interest: Laser Scanning Cytometer, Olympus IX71 Microscope, XC-003 Color Camera with 9″ CCTV B&W Monitor, Objectives UPlanFLN 60X, UPlanFLN 40X, UPlanFLN 20X, UPlanFL 10X, WHN 10X/22 Eyepieces, U-LH10oHGAPO 100 W Mercury Apo Lamp Housing, Thermo Electron Corp Catalyst Express Robot Model F01229 s/n RCE0549131, 23″ NEC Flat Screen Monitor, Prior Proscan II and Box of Accessories.

– ABI Qtrap 4000 Mass Spectrometer

– ABI/Hitachi 3100 Genetic Analyzer

– Agilent 1100 HPLC Systems (6+)

– Shimadzu HPLC Systems (2)

– Dionex HPLC System

– Thermo Finigan LTQ Mass Spectrometer

– Nova Sep SuperSep 30/50 Automated, Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography unit, s/n 0973-4-03, (yr 2003)

– Wave Biotech BASE200EH BioReactor

– Axial Chromatography Columns (10+)

– 640L SS Pressure Vessel (2)

– 350L SS Pressure Vessel

– 200L SS Pressure Vessel (3)

– 164L SS Pressure Vessel (2)

– 30 L SS Pressure Vessel

– Viral Filtration Skid

– Agilent Mass Spectrometer Systems

– Waters MicroMass Quattro Mass Spectrometers

– Waters HPLC Systems

– Molecular Devices Spectramax Plate Readers

– Microscopes

– Beckman Centrifuges

– Thermal Cycler’s

– Buchi Rotovap’s

– Eppendorf Centrifuges

– Mettler Toledo Analytical Balances

– Watson Marlow Pumps

– Incubators

– Freezers

– Hoods

And Much More!!!