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Real Estate of Holley Moulding


  • Approximately 68,800 Total Square Feet Broken Out As Follows
  • 45,000  Sqft Manufacturing Space
  • 15,000 Sqft Warehouse Space
  • 8,800 Sqft Office Space
  • South exit of property will share a joint easement with Heritage Oak
  • Dust Bins/Collection systems are owned by Heritage Oak and can be leased/ shared

The subject neighborhood would be considered suburban southeast Joplin. This neighborhood would be roughly defined by Highway 71 on the west, the county lines to the south and east, and Highway 96 (Old Route 66) on the north.

Access and Exposure:
The subject neighborhood has exceptional east-west access and exposure. Highway 96 is Old Route 66 which defines this area to the north. This is an older two-lane state highway…similar to Highway 60 along the south edge of the neighborhood. Highway 60 receives much higher volumes due to the size of the cities located along that route. This includes the cities of Neosho, Monett, and Aurora. Most traffic to this area comes off of Interstate 44 which is a four-lane divided interstate running from Wichita Falls, Texas to the Illinois state line near St. Louis, Missouri. This area also benefits from north-south Highway exposure along Highway 71. Highway 71 runs all the way from Louisiana to Minnesota and most importantly, locally connects Bentonville (Wal-Mart Headquarters) with Interstate 44 and Kansas City further to the north.

Building One contains two-story corporate offices, warehouse, and manufacturing areas. The office area contains 4,800 square feet of first floor space and 4,098 square feet of second floor space. The office area has a full brick veneer and is finished with hardwood, carpet, and ceramic tile floors. The walls are painted and wallpaper covered drywall. Ceilings are 2 x 2 acoustical tiles in a metal grid with recessed fluorescent light fixtures. This area has extensive stained hardwood trim, built-in bookcases, cabinets, and shelving. The lobby area is open to the second floor with extensive fixed pane windows and a decorative wood staircase. This area was constructed in 1990 and 2001 and was found to be in good overall condition.

The manufacturing and warehouse areas of this building were constructed in 1979, 1987, and 1995. These areas are free-span steel with vinyl clad insulation on the walls and ceiling. Suspended sodium vapor lighting is found throughout the building. Overhead electrical and air supply runs are located in the manufacturing areas. This area of building one was found to be in average overall condition.


  • Building 1 Costs taken from Marshall Valuation Service
  • Average Quality, Class S, Light Manufacturing Section 14 Page 14 Gross Building Area 68,698 Square Feet
  • Base Cost per Square Foot $38.64 Perimeter Multiplier 0.900
  • Story Height Multiplier 1.000 Combined Multipliers 0.900
  • Adjusted Cost per Square Foot $34.78 Current Multiplier 1.01
  • Local Multiplier x 0.87 Combined Multipliers x 0.88
  • Adjusted Cost per Square Foot $30.61 Building Area (Square Feet) x 68,698
  • RCN – Building Area x Adjusted Cost per Sq. Ft. $2,102,846 RCN of Building 1 $2,102,846



A 3% Buyers Premium Will Apply On All Real Estate Purchases