Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Assets formerly of the World’s Largest Beverage Company Available Due to Facility Vacating!

Sale Features Bottling lines, Canning lines, Packaging Equipment & Mixing Equipment!

Bottling Equipment:

  • H&K Delta-600-96-1696-Valve Filler with 16-Head Capper
  • Crown UB72-FTCF 72 Valve Can Filler (2x)
  • CSI 16-Head Capper
  • H&K Delta 600-66-11 66-Valve Filler with 11-Head Capper
  • Sentry 3925 Lowerator Rinser
  • Senrty S/O-3588 Lowerator Rinser (3x)
  • Convay HPS40-RH-SCR-A Shell Washer


Packaging Equipment:

  • Convay BWA-835-B-S-CR 8′ x 35’ Package Warmer
  • Trine 6500 Rollfeed Hot Glue Labeler (4x)
  • Ambaflex SV-600-1600 Spiral Case Elevator
  • Hartness 2600 Continuous Motion Case packer
  • Alvey 920 High Speed Inline Case Palletizer
  • Muller 404-Octopus Orbital Style Stretch Wrapper (3x)
  • Muller 606-Octopus Straddle Type Stretch Wrapper
  • ID Technologies 250 Pallet Tagger
  • Acme 400-2D High Level Bulk Depalletizer (2x)
  • Videojet Excel-100 Inkjet Package Coder
  • Videojet Excel-170I Inkjet Package Coder (6x)
  • RA Pearson C2240 Fridge Pack Carton Combiner (2x)
  • Angelus 500L 12-Spindle Can Seamer
  • Sentry S/O-3587 High Level Bulk Depalletizer
  • Sentry VFD41 Empty Bottle Air Conveyor
  • SJI CW-35 Casewasher
  • SJI AK-120 Blowoff Module For Case Washer


Stainless Steel Tanks, Mixing, Storage, and More:

  • Feldmeier 10,000 Gallon Top Agitated Mixing Tank (2x)
  • Feldmeier 20,000-Gallon Heated Insulated Silo (2x)
  • Tuchenhagen Mixproof 6-Valve Matrix
  • Tuchenhagen Mixproof 49-Valve Matrix
  • Tuchenhagen Mixproof 38-Valve Matrix
  • Cherry Burrell CV 5,000 Gallon 5,000-Gallon Top Agitated Mixing Tank (5x)
  • Muller 5,000-Gallon Top Agitated Jacketed Mixing Tank (2x)
  • Cherry Burrell CV 2,000-Gallon Top Agitated Mixing Tank (5x)
  • RDM (4-Tank) CIP System
  • Muller (3-Tank) CIP System
  • Western 300-GPM  3,952-Gallon Stainless Steel Carbon Purifier (2x)
  • Western 600-GPM Gravity Rectangular Sand Filter
  • Western 600-GPM Floculation Water Treatment Reaction Tank
  • Aquionics UV950B+M UV Water Sterilizer (2x)
  • Tomco K2067.5123467890 CO2 Vaporizer (2x)
  • Domnick Hunter MPLUS 10000-350 CO2 Purifier