Key Assets

Sale #4 Global Online Auction of Surplus Assets of Coriant:

Featuring Over 700 Pieces of Late Model Test & Measurement Equipment,

IT Equipment, Power Supplies, and More!


Special Interest: Asset Located at 4555 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA.

  • Box Truck

Agilent/ Hewlett Packard

  • Oscilloscopes, Terminal Test Sets, Trans Impairment Test Set, Sonet Maintenance Test Set, Transmission Test Set, Multifunction Synthesizer,  T1/ Datacom Tester, VHF Attenuator,  System Power Supply, DC Power Supply, Signal Generator, Multimeter, Comm Performance Analyzer, Synthesizer/Function Generator,  Attenuator/Switch Driver,  Optical Attenuator, Oscillators

Acterna/TTC/JDSU/Wandel Goltermann

  • Advanced Network Tester,  Network Communication Analyzer, T-Carrier Analyzer. Communications Analyzer, Frame Analyzer, PCM Analyzer, S3 / DS1 Analyzer


  • Tunable Laser Source, Oscilloscopes


  • Telcom Test Systems, SONET/SDH Optical TX Modules


  • Multimeter, True RMS Multimeter, Digital Multimeter, Multi-Conuter,  Oscilloscopes


  • Catalyst Series Hardware, and more

Spirent TAS

  • Telephone Network Emulator, Optical Interface


  • Jitter & Wander Analyzer, Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes


  • Pulse Generators