Key Assets

Private Treaty Sale;

Rademaker / Den Boer Gas Powered, Stainless Steel, Ten (10) Zone Oven

Oven availability – estimated July, 2013

This 236 ft. long by 13.6 ft. wide stainless steel oven has ten (10) modular burner zones and four (4) steam moisture control zones.  Rollers were added to the idle end (infeed) to help with tracking of the belt. New belt/drums/bearings installed.


All operations manuals, maintenance manuals, historical maintenance records, specs/drawings, lube maps, etc. available.


Also included: stainless steel replacement belt, spare parts



Model Number: 63340/6341


Manufactured: 2003


Installed: April, 2004


Serial Number: 2003.0002/11650


Belt Speed Range: 2.6 ft/min to 10.5 ft/min


Temperature Range: 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 660 degrees Fahrenheit


Dimensions: 13 ft 6 in. width by 11 ft 4 in. height (without burners), approximately 15 ft. height (with burners)


The baking size of the conveyor is as follows: Total pan surface
is 2.5 x 70 meters or roughly 8 ft. x 230 ft. The area of the belt actually
inside the burners is 2.5 x 67.5 meters or roughly 8 ft. x 221 ft.

Last Preventive Maintenance: Performed July/August 2012

The bearings on the lower half of the oven (everything except the
burners) were changed during the last belt replacement, performed Sept/Oct 2010.


Oven gearbox and bearings were both replaced on 9/5/10.