Key Assets

Global Online Real Estate Auction Of A 55,000 sf Kosher Poultry Processing Operation on 30 Acres – with Operating Capacity for up to 80,000 birds per 40 hr week

  • Broker Coop: 3%
  • Auction extended to allow bidders additional due diligence period
  • Starting Bid:  $999,000 (Building, Land & Equipment)
  • Starting Bid: $699,000 (Land & Building Only)
  • Initial Bid Increment:  $20,000
  • Buyer’s Premium:  10%
  • Pre-Auction OffersYes
  • Property Type:  Commercial Land

Description:  Bidding on real estate alone starts at $699,999, or for building and equipment $999,999.  Seller will elect to accept one of the options.  If Seller selects winning bid on the real estate alone, Seller will conduct a separate equipment only auction within 30 days.

• Fully functional poultry processing plant
• Zoned Industrial
• USDA inspected
• 200 amp, 480 volt, ground fault electric service
• Waste water treatment building
• Public waste water permit (significant indirect user)
• SUI permit allows discharge of 125,000 gallons per day average of
affluent discharge; per week
• Water supply, wells, water diversion permit of 7.2 million gallons
per month
• Fully functional equipment
• Prior customer list upon request


Fully functional poultry processing plant (chicken, duck, turkey hen) with capabilities to process up to 80,000 per 40 hr. work week.  Including Kill, Picking, Offal, Eviscerating, Boning, Butcher Wrap, Packing and Refrigeration.

See attached Partial Asset Listing Link in Auction Tools section above for a summary of assets.