Key Assets

Global Online Auction:  A Complete Facility Closure of a Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in Silicon Valley, California

Screening and Photo

Barnaby screening table
DuPont dry film laminator with LED and LC 2400 vacuum system
(2) Accuprint 5KW light source
DuPont SMVL dry film vacuum laminator
Grieve 3X3X3 oven
Nuarc stencil making machine
VWR 2X2X2 dispatch oven


OEM 4 opening electric press vacuum 26X26 platens
PHI 3 opening electric press 24X30 platens
PHI 4 opening cold press 24X30 platens
PHI 3 opening electric press 20X18 platens
All separator plates used in Multilayer presses

Drilling and Fabrication

5 spindle router with Saba Myra controller
Excellon Century 2001 SP 4 spindle 180,000 Rpm Spindles
Excellon Mark V with CNC 6 controller with 110,000 RPM spindles
Excellon EX-200 CNC-6 2 spindles drill router 80,000 RPM spindles
Famco 52″ kick shear
Dayton Manuel drill press
Steel rule punch
All used and new drill bits

Wet Process

Chemcut 547 XLI Etcher with main etcher, flood rinse counter flow water rinse and dryer
Chemcut 547 Stripper strip chamber counter flow water rinse dryer
Electroless Copper line
4X5X4 Copper plating tank with rectifier
4X5X4 Solder plating tank with rectifier
Chemcut 547 developer with developer chamber counter flow water rinse dryer with S wheel
Reverse osmosis waste treatment systems
Ultra scrub scrubbing machine with extra heads
Barrel cart mover

JUST ADDED:  Plasma System Model 1400

Quality Control

(4) Bausch & Lomb 4X microscopes
Leica Microscope on Nu Arc light
Grieve 3X3X3 oven
2 Impulse heat sealers
2 hand shear for thin material
Stein Microscope


Unimet Unitron Microscope
Mark V polisher
Scale lab Rectifier


Complete maintenance shop with all spare parts
2005 Scion xB Van
(2) Kaiser Model SK 19 15 hp air compressors
Sullivan Paletek 25 hp air compressor
Spencer 15 hp vacuum system with dust collector
Back up 100 Amp generator with auto switching system

Added from Methuen, MA Facility

Glunz & Jensen Model ML720 Film Processor
Universal Laser Model ULS-50PS Engraving System
Blue M Model EM-606RIF Roll in Oven
CSUN oven model CMO-8W Roll in Oven
Tenney Environmental Chamber
Moore Model 435 300-20 Press
Plus more including an assortment of AL screen printing frames