Key Assets

Former Assets of a Major Biotech Company Located at 1201 Amgen Ct. in Seattle, WA.

This sale will consist of all surplus assets from a 670,000 square foot campus located on 40 acres of waterfront property in Seattle.


  • Lab Counters (Over 7,000 linear feet)
  • Autoclaves (15+)
  • Washers (10+)
  • Fume Hoods (30+)
  • Metro Racks/Carts
  • Fire Extinguishers (200+)
  • Eye Wash Stations (100+)


And Much More!!


Auction Removal Notes: 

Most of the items offered in this sale require rigging, electrical, or plumbing contractors. Buyer is responsible for all disconnects and removal. Buyer (buyer’s contractor) must be Licensed and Insured and will be required to provide Certificates of Insurance in order to work at this facility. Please review Section #8 in our Terms and Conditions for details regarding insurance requirements for contractors*** *REMOVALS WILL BE CONDUCTED MAY 16 THRU MAY 27 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY**