Key Assets

Private Treaty Sale Featuring 4 x Meyer Burger BrickMaster BM 860 Cutting Tools 

  • The BrickMaster BM 860 can handle G6 (1000 x 1000 mm) as well as 6” and 8” mono c-Si formats. The maximum work piece height amounts to 550 mm. The use of diamond wire doubles the output compared to slurry-based bricking. The G6 format increases the output by an additional 40% (multi c-Si).

  • The concept of the BM 860 is based on the Meyer Burger wire saw technology. The cutting room has a 300° free access and enables easy loading by fork-lift. The foot-print was optimized through a new, compact arrangement of the different components. For the same production volume, the BrickMaster 860 needs 60% less space than comparable slurry-based bricking systems. The proven concept using an extractable cutting unit was maintained and further optimized by including a quick-release system for a fast changeover of complete shafts.