Key Assets

Surplus Assets from the Ongoing Operations of First Solar, Inc. a U.S. Manufacturer of Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules and Provider of Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants.

This Sale Features Laser Scribe Tools, Coating Tools, Glass Washing Tools, Laminators, Pumps and More!

Supplier Description Quantity
Fanuc Fanuc Robot M-710i C 50 with R30i A controllers 2
Fanuc Fanuc Robot M-710i C 70 with R30i A controllers 4
Fanuc Fanuc Robot R-2001iB 165F with R30i A controllers 8
Newport Spectra-Physics Newport Laser Quasar 355-45 and Closed Loop Chiller by TermoTek 2
Newport Spectra-Physics LPKF Laser SLDP10 2F – 532 nm, 35W, Closed Loop Chiller WWHE 1-8LPKF SLDP10/2F, including power supply and optics 6
Newport Spectra-Physics SPI G3 Laser including cooling plate 24
Rofin DQ x80 and pumping chamber with chiller, optics, galvos, and robots 3
Dr. Schenk Vision system – SolarInspect HOQ 600 vision system 2
Spire Solar simulator Model #3500SLP 4
NPC Bussing and layup line for solar module size 60 cm x 120cm less. Includes:  Crowding and BCR station, Lead Foil Loop Station 2, 2nd Double Side Tape Station 1, 2nd Double Side Tape Station 2, Center Buss Bar Station 2, SET 4 ft Station 1, SET 4 ft Station 2, SET 2 ft Station 1, SET 2 ft Station 2, Vision Station, Interlayer Stations, Cover Glass Apply, SET Trim Station 4
NPC Laminator LM-SA-140X330-S 18
Von Ardenne Metalizer – Sputter coating for metal stack on solar panels. (one tool missing two magnetrons and two power supplies).  All Metalizers missing two SiHi pumps each and RGA’s. 3
Von Ardenne Heated Metalizer – sputter coating for metal stack on solar panels.  Less:  HEPA filter and Gas control, pyrometers, Edwards Pumps (2 from each tool), Advanced Energy pulse DC power supplies, leak detectors, targets, backing plates, RGA’s, C42.1 magnetron, C44.4 magnetron, and C43.1 magnetron. 2
Smit Thermal Solutions Infrared heated oven, belt width of 1300mm, soaking temperature 200-300°C, overall length ~124 feet 4
Oerlikon-Leybold Optics pumps Model SP630 pumps and roots blowers.  Qunatity 20 pumps with two roots blowers each; 4 pumps with one roots blower each; 8 pumps with one roots blower each 16
Von Ardenne Coater Control Cabinets Siemens PLC’s 4
Billco Versa Clean Glass Washer LH Side, Fiberglass tank, CompactLogix controls 6
Billco Versa Clean Glass Washer RH Side, Fiberglass tank, CompactLogix controls 4
Billco Versa Clean Glass Washer RH Side, Stainless steel tank, CompactLogix controls 1
Billco Versa 300 Series Glass Washer LH Side, Stainless steel tank, MicroLogix controls 3
Benteler Glass washer 1
Schmid Pre NPR Photoresist Washer 4
Schmid CdCl Washer 4
Schmid Photoresist Developer 4
Thermcraft Oven Double tube furnace 2
Schmid Pre-metal Clean (oxalic & DI rinse) (PMC) includes copper etch 4
Schmid Acid Etch 4
Schmid Oxidation Removal (ORT) 4
Burkle NPR Tack Dry Oven 4
Burkle NPR UV Expose Tool 4
Dorsey Metrology Paragon 24P Optical Comparator Model #24PHD-321ECNC 1
Thermcraft Oven Single Tube Furnace 6
Burkle Roll Coating Machine Model #AKLE-L 700 and Procon enclosure 4
Coherent Laser Avia 355-14-70 (no chiller) 2
Spectra-Physics Laser HIPPO Laser 17 watt model J80-8SS42 (new in box) 1
Spectra-Physics Laser HIPPO Laser 27 watt model J80-8SS42-36k (one new in box and two used) 3