Key Assets

Surplus UNUSED & PROFESSIONALLY CRATED Assets from the Ongoing Operations of First Solar, Inc. a U.S. Manufacturer of Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules and Provider of Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants.

This Sale Features unused & crated Laser Scribe Tools, Coating Tools, Glass Washing Tools, Laminators, Pumps and More!

Supplier Equipment Quantity
Legacy Garden / Hose Reel L8346 17
Parker Engineering Vertical Light Soak 2
FIVES/Rofin Laser/Camfil  Farr Dust Collector Automated Edge Delete Laser System and dust collector – DQ x80 and pumping chamber with chiller, optics, galvos, robot, housing 2
NPC Bussing and layup line for solar module size 60 cm x 120cm less. Includes:  Crowding and BCR station, Lead Foil Loop Station 2, 2nd Double Side Tape Station 1, 2nd Double Side Tape Station 2, Center Buss Bar Station 2, SET 4 ft Station 1, SET 4 ft Station 2, SET 2 ft Station 1, SET 2 ft Station 2, Vision Station, Interlayer Stations, Cover Glass Apply, SET Trim Station 2
Donaldson Dust Collector 2
Schmid Group (Sierra Therm) CdCl Oven including exhausts 2
Schmid Group Copper Chloride Wetline 2
Billco Cover Glass Washer 2
NPC Laminator LM-SA-140X330-S 8
Von Ardenne Metalizer – Sputter coating for metal stack on solar panels. 2
Billco Module Washer 2
Schmid Group Photoresist Developer 2
Burkle Photoresist Expose 2
Burkle Roll Coating Machine Model #AKLE-L 700 and Procon enclosure 2
Schmid Group Photoresist Washer 2
Schmid Group Pre-CdCl2 Washer 2
Kuka Robot and fencing 2
Spire Spire Solar Simulator 2
Burkle Tack Dry Oven 2
Von Ardenne Controls 2
Von Ardenne Model SP630 pumps and roots blowers.  Qunatity 10 pumps with two roots blowers each; 2 pumps with one roots blower each; 4 pumps with one roots blower each 16