Key Assets

Short Notice Global Online Auction Of Unsold & Unpaid Items From Our Auction Of Surplus Assets To A Major Japanese Based Oncology Company

Key Assets:

  • TTP Labtech Limited Chemscan Cytometer
  • (3) Double Stack NuAire NU-8700 IR Incubators
  • (2) 2Gallon 135psi Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels
  • (3) 1Gallon 135psi Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels
  • Double Stack NuAire NU-2700 IR Incubator
  • NuAire NU-425-600 Bio Safety Cabinet
  • (5) Wheaton 4862 Cell Production Roller Apparatus
  • (2) Bio Rad Power Look 2100XL GS800 Calibrated Densitometer
  • Met one 3315LL Particle Counter
  • & More!

Payment Deadline June 7th

Removal Deadline June 9th