Key Assets

Global Online Auction On Behalf Of VT Industries, Inc. A Major Stone Fabricator Located In Rome, GA & La Mirada, CA.

Featuring Over $5,000,000 in Original Acquisition Stone Inventory and Over $12,000,000 In Original Acquisition Late Model Equipment


Key Assets Located In Rome, GA:

  • Breton Bridge Saw FK NC 800, mfg 2007, 1,373 hours, s/n 35183 with straight line numerical controlled center and rotating platform
  • Comanduli Omega 100 Belt Edge Polishing Machine, year model 2013, s/n 10913
  • Breton Combicut DJ NC 500, numerical controlled work center with straight saw cut and waterjet cuts, year model 2007, s/n 31687, hours 6.681
  • Breton Contour NC 400 CNC Dual table CNC machining center, year model 2007
  • Breton Slab protecting filming unit, year model 2007, s/n 35145
  • Breton Stone Mat’l Handling Slab Transfer Machine and Slab Unstacking Unit
  • Stone Polshing Unit 1S200
  • (8) Woods Power Grip Vaccum Lifts MT8FS10TAC
  • Waterjet intensifier – KMT Streamline SL-V 50
  • Large quantities of gravity conveyor
  • Black Brothers Cold Press, 49″ x 97″ bed.  Manual feed
  • Trim Saw, Midwest Automation DE4100 – Straight Cut Inline Trim Saw
  • (4) Air Compressor – 50 HP – DC Drive and Air Dryers
  • (3) Midwest Automation Laminating/Cutting Lines
  • Spray Booths
  • Dust Collection
  • Assorted Tools and Much More!

Key Assets Located In La Mirada, CA

  • Stone Saw, Speedycut Stone Bridge Saw (Breton S.p.A. FK NC 800 1144-0005)
  • Stone CNC, Contour breton Stone CNC (Breton S.p.A. “Dual” 1763-0000
  • (2) Stone Waterjet, KMT Waterjet – Streamline SL-V E50V2
  • (2) Stone Saw, CombiCut Stone Bridge Saw (Breton S.p.A. DJ NC 500  1154-0020)
  • Stone Mat’l Handling Motorized Turn Table
  • Stone Mat’l Handling Slab Suction Cup Transferor (Orange)
  • Stone Mat’l Handling Slab Suction Cup Transfer Table (Grey)
  • Stone Mat’l Handling Slab Digitizer
  • Stone Polishing Comanduli Belt Edge Polishing Machine
  • And More!