Key Assets

Global Online Auction Sale Hosted by SunEdison. Featuring Surplus Assets Including Manufacturing Equipment, Stringers, Dryers, Transformers, Inverters, Electrical Equipment, Resistors, & More!


  • (10) NTS-150-S-H-3K Tabbing and Stringing Machines.
  • NPC Stringer Parts-Lot 1009
  • (2) NPC NEL-100 EL Inspection Module with 210cm Opening.
  • Reis Robotics JBS01 J Box Fixture Removal Unit Gantry.
  • Ingersoll Rand HL3001HE0VA0X Heatless Desiccant Dryer.
  • TOS SUI 40-50 – 0861 Engine Lathe.
  • Large quantities of MCM Engineering Heavy Power Switchegear.
  • Large quantities of ABB Transformers.
  • Large quantities of PME Pad Mounted Gear.
  • Eaton Safety Switches.
  • SMA & Solar Edge Inverters.
  • Large quantities of cables, combiners, brackets, switches, adapters, and more!