Key Assets

Global Online Auction of Quality Aseptic, Solid Dose, Soft Gel, Packaging and Other Pharmaceutical Processing & Support Equipment Excess to Needs of PII.


  • Gerteis GMP-Polygran Macro Pactor 250 Roller Compactor
  • IMA Sterifill F200 In-Line Liquid and Stoppering Machine
  • (3) IMA Zanasi 40F Capsule Fillers
  • SCI MG2 Futura Capsule Filler
  • GEA Niro Fluid Bed
  • Mendel FBP-1 Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Keumsung KM450 High Shear Granulator
  • Mendel MTC-10 Tablet Coating Machine
  • Fette Perfecta 1000 Tablet Press
  • Riva Piccola B Bench Top Rotary Tablet Press
  • FTS Systems Dura-Top MP50651 Bulk Tray Dryer
  • GIC PLT100 4″ Encapsulator
  • Fluid Air Bench-Top Fluid Bed, Spray Granulator
  • (3) Seidenader V90-AVSB/60-LR Vial Inspection Machines
  • Penntech RW500 Rotary Vial Washer
  • Turbula T2F Shaker-Mixer
  • Romaco FrymaKoruma VE1 Vacuum Deaerator
  • Sweco F16769/S48S88 Vibro-Screen Separator
  • Multiple CIP Skids & Stainless Steel Tanks & Reactors
  • & More!

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