Key Assets

Auction Cancelled–All Assets Sold In Bulk

Global Online Auction Of A Complete R&D Facility Of Stion Solar, A Thin Film Solar Panel Manufacturer.


  • Semicore SC9900 Inline Sputter Deposition Tool
  • Leybold/GTA Sputter Deposition Tool
  • Rigaku XRF Wave Disperse Spectrometer
  • Rigaku Thin Film X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Kurt J Lesker 3” Target Sputter Deposition Tool
  • LEO/Zeiss Scanning Electron Microscope w/ EDAX Fixture
  • AVP Technology 850 Sputter Deposition Tool
  • Denton Thermal Evaporator
  • Ascentool Reactive Sputter Deposition System (For R&D)
  • Perkin Elmer UV-Visibile Spectrometer
  • Thermo Scientific EDXRF System
  • Rigaku Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Jobin-Yvon (Horiba) Spectroscopice Ellipsomter
  • Newport LP1/MP2/MP3 Scribing Tool. Patterning P1 Laser
  • Thermotron Reliability Chamber
  • YES Polyimide Cure Oven