Key Assets

Global Online Auction of Quality Biotech and Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment Excess To Needs Of Multiple Global Sellers!


  • Rad Source RS 2000 Biological System
  • Xenogen InVivo Imaging System
  • EMD Millipore Guava/easyCyte-HT
  • GE BC4000 Biacore System
  • Agilent 6410A Trple Quadrupole LC/MS with 1100 HPLC
  • Agilent G6510A Accurate Mass Quadrupole QTOF LC/MS
  • Agilent 7820A Gas Chromatograph
  • Agilent 240FS AA Atomic Absorption System
  • Agilent 240Z AA Zeeman Atomic Absorption System
  • Roche MagNaPure 96
  • Waters Micromass Quatro Micro API With Acuity Binary Solvent Manager
  • BD LSR Special Order System
  • ForteBio Octet QK
  • Illumina HiScan Array Scanner
  • (2) TerumoBCT92000 Quantum Cell Expansion Systems
  • Akta Explorer FPLC