Key Assets

Welcome To The 78th Sale Featuring State Of The Art Biopharma R&D Lab Equipment From The World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer!

Assets In Netherlands Include:

  • Waters Acquity UPLC Bio H Class UPLC System
  • Beckman Coulter PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System (qty 2)
  • Molecular Devices Spectramax Paradigm Multimode Microplate Reader

Also Featuring:

  • Roche Lumi-Imager
  • Leap Technology PAL Autosampler
  • Siemens Healthcare Automated Hemostasis Analyzer
  • Agilent 1100 HPLC System
  • HPLC Columns
  • Perkin Elmer FT-NIR
  • Spectramax Labs Gemini XS
  • Qiagen Qiacube
  • & More!