Key Assets

Global Online Auction of Pharmaceutical Lab, Process & Packaging Equipment Surplus To Continuing Operations of Quebec’s Largest Pharmaceutical Company.


  • Diosna P/VAC P/10/P60 Pilot Plant Processor, Granulator
  • Stokes 580-2 “Tri-Pact” 35 Station Rotary Tablet Press
  • Manesty B3B Manesty B3B Rotary Tablet Press
  • Quadro Comil Model 197S
  • Fitzpatrick D6A FitzMill
  • A&M Process ATS50 Twin Shell “Vee” Blender
  • A&M Process ATS050 A&M  Twin Shell Blender
  • OCS HC OCS Checkweigher
  • Key TD101-D Tablet De-Duster
  • Safeline Metal Detector For Tablets
  • Inox-Tech Stainless Steel Processing Tank
  • Berlie Falco Stainless Steel Tank
  • Hobart Legacy HL600 Mixer
  • Kalish Bandit Neck Band Applicator


&  More!