December 1, 2009

Well, it wasn’t very long at all, but it did seem like an eternity to me. You can open a new business, rent the building, print the cards, build the website… you know, essentially “hang up the shingle.” But you’re never really in business until you ink that first deal.

There will hopefully be thousands signed over the next years, but the first one is like your very first kiss; it’s the one you always remember. That happened yesterday, and we are very excited to be back in the saddle! A hi-tech facility—in Japan no less!! So it begins: the set up, the marketing, the bidding, the removal. All the little stuff that you used to take for granted is now very important once again.

One down, a whole lot more to go…

Kirk Dove

Managing Partner
Heritage Global Partners
Asset Advisory and Auction Services
A Legacy since 1937