I am off to Del Mar, to attend the wedding of Craig, one of our young stars here at HGP. It’s been awhile since I have been in the office where we started HGP. Now my brother’s youngest son Nick Dove is sitting at my old desk. All good because I am back where it began with Millard Dove’s furniture in my office in Foster City. But thinking about Del Mar makes me smile. Seems like yesterday I went shopping for office space with Kirk and my youngest son Marcus. Kirk and I were just two industry veterans in shock at our unexpected firing anxious about having to start all over again. We decided to form Dove Global Partners and then discovered we didn’t even own our last name. When we found the beautiful building in Del Mar and they asked us the name of the tenant we couldn’t answer. Marcus said “Dad that’s so unfair it’s your and Uncle Kirk’s heritage.” Yes indeed it is and Heritage Global Partners come to life. I look at the website now with pride. We took on all comers and hired a great group of industry veterans as well as young rookies, all with the talent and desire to be the best. Then we found the greatest most supportive guys at Counsel RB to have our back. Now everyday five Doves work side by side a world class team building a legacy stronger than our name from the roots of our Heritage. We will be up and running and going full tilt in Europe on October 1 this year and like the song says everyone knows our name. We are winning deals from Australia to Germany and Guatemala, just two old guys doing what they love to do. We are not quite as cocky and far more thankful we have a place to call home. It’s not a family business but thanks to Counsel our family has a home. Our door is open for business 24 by 7 – if you want a company full of talented, happy and proud employees to serve you then you call us! All the best RD.