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To steal a line from Spike Lee: ” Do the right thing. ” Well, Today I feel in my heart we did exactly that. Our little company did not sell out. We sold up. We are now proudly part of Counsel RB Capital, and our future will now be a public reported record. The truth will be open and transparent about whether we did do the right thing. I received overwhelming calls and congrats emails. Thank you all. We did get actually a critical one. “Why did you sell out your sons future?” My response is blog public. We did the exact opposite. Leaders rise and the truth prevails. It is not a day to just celebrate. Far far better , it is a day to create. Our new company will work with relentless pursuit to build the best of breed. We sold up so our clients can join us in getting more. Plus my wife says, “Trust me, you and Kirk need all the help you can get!” Best Ever. RD