Hi Everyone,

Lately I have been dreaming about work. I say lately because until I hit the backside of sixty I never remembered dreaming. But thanks to my very mature and still growing prostate I awake for a call of duty every two hours. The only positive is I now remember my interrupted dreams and interrupted sleep. I have two recurring dreams that must be telling me something about our company and my future.
I bet someone reading this is a sleep and dream analyst and actually knows.

Dream One: I am in a plant and the client says go look at the factory machines and meet me back in the conference room. I am walking through the plant for hours. I am so lost. At every turn I get more confused. Finally I say I can’t find my way back I just got to hurry and find a bathroom. Then I
Wake up. Soon I am back in bed and off to the dream land.

Dream Two: Worse. A client calls and says Ross congrats we have chosen you to do the auction. It’s going to be huge. I get really excited and call up the next generation of Doves with the good news. They say “Great Day” and “Uncle Ross, who is it?” I panic because I can’t remember what deal I won. I try to act calm and say give me a minute to remember. Then I wake up still wondering who hired me.

If you’re wondering why I am telling you this…..Don’t ever follow your dreams. Live them. During my waking hours I can still find my way around a plant and remember who hired me. And lately that’s a dream come true.

Give me a call and I promise not to sleep on the job.