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This May I will head to Europe for what I am calling the ”Third time’s a charm.” Those in our industry know I have been preaching the single – source global provider for two decades. It’s why we spent countless time building a global network when founding Heritage Global Partners. Yet, it all started decades ago. In the 1990’s, the partners at Dove Brothers, Norman Levy, and Henry Butcher spent two days together in London attempting a historic three-way merger of equals. We were almost Levy Butcher Dove. Somehow, it just never quite happened. Life and business sure do go up and down. Years later, I acquired Norman Levy, and became great colleagues that we still partner with today. My old firm finally did get global, and ironically, after the Norman Levy partners moved on, the firm that bought Henry Butcher eventually bought me. If you believe the saying “practice makes perfect”, then here goes:

My new parent corp, Counsel RB, is lead by the Reich Brothers- who also went global with my former firm and also embrace this concept. They said ”Ross, as good as your global network is, with the backing of Counsel let’s go all the way- and bring in house the best of breed world class team. Let’s do it perfectly this time.” Hence, I am not flying solo this journey; I am bringing our CEO, Allan Silber. Arm in arm, we will get it right. With faith in my gut and his competence, and the support of my brother and the brothers Reich, its “European working vacation” this May. Stealing a line from the proud US Marines, “we’re looking for a few good men.” Or Women! Check out our website: We’re on fire, and ready to take on the world. All inquiries held in strictest confidence. See ya soon. Cheers. Ross.

It’s Round Three….