Seats are sold in pairs for $329

By Steve Price

November 30, 2020 9:24 PM PST

SAN DIEGO — San Diego State is auctioning off items from SDCCU Stadium, including the seats, and there are some interesting finds for fans.

It’s your chance to take a piece of history home. Maybe it’s a sign from the section where you had season tickets for decades or the parking lot marker where you and your buddies always tailgated.

The seats go up for sale to the general public starting Tuesday and the auction runs December 14-16, but you do need to register beforehand.

The money raised will help pay for the new stadium and some of the items are expected to go for big bucks, like a forklift that appears to be in great condition. There are also vehicles, golf carts, street sweepers and a trash compactor!

One of the most popular items is expected to be the section 55 signs that look like Junior Seau’s jersey numbers, but history shows some items will only get a few bids and many items start at just $25.

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