Hi all. The IAA was once again a real education and a real challenge. A son of my contemporary is the IAA President! Congrats Kyle – I know you will do a great job As I age along with my peers and my brother Kirk, the good news is three younger Doves have our backs. So as the new generation does their thing, I am getting out of the way and am off to Asia where they respect their elders and time honored tradition is important. Once again the guys upstairs gave me the go ahead to open up shop there and continue to grow HGP. I can’t wait. Whether it’s sushi in Tokyo, barbecue in Korea or Peking duck in China, I will enjoy it all. More importantly than the local food will be the cool gigs we sign and fabulous people we hire for Go Asia 2013. Let those cool guys at HGP Europe have some healthy competition. I bet both regions come up winners. If they don’t, then the head on the chopping block is mine. So please save my butt and bring us a deal for anything and anywhere. Someone said go west young man but now it’s time to go east old man. Feels right. RD