By Scott Hayden

Dec 9, 2018 08:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

It’s no secret that Jaunt is stepping back from VR and re-focusing on AR, although we weren’t sure what the one-time cinematic VR company planned on doing with its recently defunct VR business. Now, it’s come to light that Jaunt is holding a massive online auction, serving up everything from monitors and workstation computers to a wide variety of VR headsets & peripherals.

Original Article (December 7th, 2018): Last month we reported that Jaunt was actively looking for buyers for its VR division. While there’s still no word on where its IP is going, at least now we know where all the kit is ending up: directly into the hands of any business anyone with the cash.

Heritage Global Partners is hosting the online auction, and it includes pretty much everything not bolted to the floor in the company’s Santa Monica office.

Key Items Include:

  • Large Quantities of 27” Apple Thunderbolt Displays
  • Large Quantities of Dell Monitors
  • Samsung Odyssey Systems/ Headsets
  • Oculus Systems/ Headsets
  • Wacom 21” Tablets
  • Google Daydream Systems/ Headsets
  • Lenovo Mirage Systems/ Headsets
  • Assorted Microsoft Systems/ Accessories/ Controllers
  • Apple TV
  • Sony PS4 Systems/ Accessories/ Controllers

We’ve also spotted some HTC Vives & Vive Pros, a stack of SteamVR basestations, and some controllers.

The auction start on December 12th at 10:00 AM PT (local time here) and ends 24 hours later. Heritage Global specifies that bidders must be “acting within their trade or businesses and may not be used by consumers,” although that probably won’t stop professional Ebay sellers from surreptitiously scouting out the merch and making a payday (see update).

If you’re working in a Silicon Valley startup, you may want to skip the image gallery below that shows a once bustling office now completely devoid of life. Hey, is that a box full of smartphones? Wait, a table full of probably not horribly busted VR motion controllers? A shelf full of Jaunt’s pro-level VR camera?

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