Hi Everyone,

I am sitting in a cafe in Czechoslovakia watching a guy on the street levitate. He is surrounded by true believers placing coins and applauding. Curious young kids seem least trusting waving underneath to uncover suspicion it’s an illusion. It’s my third week now here in Europe looking at deals meeting industry people and figuring the very best way to really have HGP rise throughout Europe.  This guy has really helped my thinking.

The very best way to really rise is to deliver a real performance worth seeing    That can only happen by truly demonstrating we’re ready to get both feet off the ground and proving just that.  Originally we started here by jumping in and doing deals. It was the right entrance but it has been an up and down journey and now time to rise .

We have formed a great new alliance with Troostwijk that will be ground breaking in the energy asset transition in Europe. We now have a strategy for which firms need the reality of truly global buyers and cross border sales, versus the illusion all auctions are the same. After starting one step at a time I really feel the progress and the air at our back and underneath our feet. Hopefully our new engagements here will gather big audiences and really elevate us.

If you have a unique project anywhere in Europe and want us to demonstrate we can rise above, please, give us a call.

Cheers.  RD