Hello Blog Readers.   So Charles Dickens said it better than anyone, “Whether or not I shall be the hero of my own life or that station shall be  occupied by someone else these pages must show”.  At least that’s what I recall from Freshman English Class.  Well that was long ago but this is the final chapter.  Kirk and I were given the nod to lead the charge as CO CEOs of our public Parent Corp.  We get to author our own destiny.   We say HGP is a legacy since 1937.  I hear Harry and Millard up there now screaming advice.  Yes Dad. Yes Pop.  We will be the first ones in the shop and the last to leave.  Yes we will be fair competitors but always in it to win it.  Game on.  If you need an auction anywhere anytime the Doves are on a red eye, ready to give you our all.  Check out our calendar.  Great assets at HGP.  Best. Rd