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Hi All.  I am an avid poker player.  It’s far from my only vice but my favorite escape from the real world.  Once you sit down for a tournament cell phones and the outside world disappear. It’s just you and a small world of ten at your table.  I argue with my wife that’s it’s not just dumb gambling but that an old crafty auctioneer has a bit of an advantage.  I have never won an argument with her so I just sneak out to play like I did today.  I got real lucky. It was a two hundred dollar buy in.  Half way through the dealer gives me a pair of jacks.  I decide to take my shot with lady luck and shove all my chips in.  Here is the luck. An old guy like me stares me down for ten minutes then says.  Ah screw it all in. It’s just money and next week I am calling some auction guys to close my shop.   He turned over a pair of sevens and caught a river card to put me out of poker but back selling auctions.  We all need breaks.  The tournament winner gets 10 k.  Bet I make ten times more.  Don’t let my wife know where I got the lead.  Best. RD