Albert Einstein had many great quotes, but I love one of his simplest ones:  “Nothing happens until there is movement”

This past week I took that to heart and decided enough of these dial in conference calls.  The great part about old fashioned, live meetings is that it forces everyone to focus and elevates the importance. Even better, it keeps the those not committed to travel and focus from the old dial in on mute and look busy camouflage.

Five cities,  nine flights. There were three, from HGP doing fast changes from hard hats and steel toed boots, to boardrooms &  sports coats.  It’s so much easier and more effective to leave behind high-tech PowerPoint & Webex pitches and tour each factory with a vested client, asset by asset & shop floor by shop floor.  We booked a few far faster and with much greater feelings & we found some true partners to work with and for.

Just a heads up for you road travelers from my private yelp since I am too old fashioned to actually use it.  Delta has wifi almost always.  Plus usually a decent TV on the seat back. Hilton Garden Inn’s actually has decent gym and a real garden.  I see zero proof Avis tries harder. However, the trip helped prove HGP does.

If you also tired of password codes and eight person call-ins we’re ready to hop a plane, shake hands, tour your factory and even bring in good deli sandwiches.  Call Us anytime.


Ross Dove