September 14, 2010

This business does have it days. It’s three pm auction day, and I’m already at the pool. Our partners from Hilco and Counsel RB Capital are off to the airport with my brother to chase the next one. Not me. I’m making the moment last. We just sold AeroThrust for $5 million to a Fortune 500 end user and doubled the revenue expectations. We have now hit two in a row, finding end users to acquire the tangible and intangible assets at a premium over individual equipment value. HGP is delivering on its promise of bringing the very best team to the deal and exceeding expectations. We thank our clients for entrusting us, and both our global partners for all the help. Bring us your tough deals, and we’ll line up a team to knock it out of the park.

It’s good to have the tie off and be poolside celebrating.

Cheers. R.D.