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HGP just started our three year old season. That’s the year you truly find out if your horse has legs and enough heart to go the distance. It’s the true test in the run for the roses. Take a look – HGP has come racing out the gate.

As we round the first turn, we’re on the inside track with our best start, and our largest pipeline of upcoming auctions. Its’ now time for us to hit full stride, and show the industry we are truly an elite thoroughbred and the smart bet to run the hardest and the longest. Those footsteps our competition hears are getting louder, and you have our promise we will ride hard for you and stretch to the finish. Call us with any project and we will race to get it done like a fourth generation thoroughbred, and show you our pedigree. Give me or KIRK a call. BEST TO ALL THIS YEAR. RD