By Alex Tyrer-Jones

February 05, 2024

3D printing service provider Shapeways is set to auction off $5 million of its hardware from industrial 3D printer manufacturer Desktop Metal.

The online auction will feature a catalog of metal 3D printing equipment that Shapeways had previously been using in its service bureau offering. This hardware includes Desktop Metal P1 Production System 3D printers, Shop System binder jet 3D printers, BMD 3D printers, powder stations, powder blenders, sintering furnaces, and drying ovens.

Heritage Global Partners (HGP) is hosting the auction, which will take place between 26-27 February. This is the second auction from Shapeways, with the company having already listed $4 million worth of Desktop Metal 3D printing technology at a HGP auction in October 2023.  Read Full Story on 3D Printing Industry