Hi Everyone.

We’re half way through our Q4 of my career year #40 in the biz. We just finished up presenting to our Board of Directors the year end estimates along with the plan for next year. It made me really start thinking about how different everyone defines success.  There are lots of business people who see it all on spread sheets.  You’ve heard them over and over say numbers don’t lie, or the only true measure of performance is how much money you made. Then there is the flip side of those who run far away from black and white facts you can print out, instead wanting to be measured by the effort they made or the progress invisible on financial reports.  And then there is this quote by WC Fields, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  Then Quit. There is no business Making a damn fool of it.”  So since I despise quitting and have zero issue risking making a fool of trying and trying again, I have come to define success very clearly.

  • Did we do all we could and leave it all on the mat?
  • Did we make bold promises to ourselves, to our colleagues and to our clients and live up to them with relentless effort
  • Did we deliver?
  • Did we as a team have each other’s back?
  • Did we make a fair profit ?
  • Did we meet new interesting people and learn and grow ?

And finally:  Are we finishing strong? It’s still just November, so too soon to declare success.   Still time to pick up the pace because one thing we can do for sure at least is work six more weeks hard enough to make sure we leave it on the mat.

Help us succeed. Put us on the road helping you sell and value.

We ready to run ragged because success is simply never quitting on ourselves or our clients or our investors.

We’re proud of our success at HGP and look forward to finishing strong.


Ross Dove