Day 1 – Let me start by thanking the hundreds of you who have called and emailed, wishing good fortune to both of us as we embark on our new journey at Heritage Global Partners. Many of you have asked me how I feel about it after three decades under one roof.  I can actually answer with one expression: I feel calm. Every time I tell this to anyone they always say that’s just the calm “before” the storm. It may seem hard to believe, but that’s not true. For the first time in my business life, I am experiencing the calm “after” the storm. It’s a very special place at which to finally arrive. I no longer feel that I have anything left to prove, or that there are battles I have to fight or mountains I am forced to climb.

As we move our headquarters and my home to San Diego, I feel at peace. Our new office is by the beach, with vast views of the pacific ocean. Its power and vastness dwarf my own ambition. It’s time to take a few moments each day,  listens to the waves, and reflect on how to build our future from the lessons learned and years traveled. It’s time to build from our strength.

My brother and I were able to pack our personal possessions and leave our past in the rear view mirror with our heads held high, proud of our work and the legacy we have built. We leave together with even more love and respect for each other, and our industry, than we could have ever hoped. We start again with a very proud foundation. When you read Kirk’s blog, it’s plain to see that while he was stuck in line at Verizon, I have been gazing out at the horizon, visualizing what we’re starting to build again.

Today is Day One, and I am not calling anyone to come to work with us or even trying to find a deal to do. I am far too calm and certain of our future and how quick we will be overwhelmed with clients and projects, and that we will have more great people than those who have already decided to join us.

So on the first day of our new company, I am just quietly planning and reflecting. I am taking my time writing down what Heritage Global Partners stands for and the code of conduct all of us here will live by. You have our promise that whether you choose to work with us, partner with us, or to employ our services, you will feel as calm, confident and certain of your choice as I feel today. I don’t want this to mislead anyone that any of the passion is diminished. Our pursuit of excellence in technology and customer satisfaction will be more relentless than ever. The key is that when you’re one hundred percent certain that what you are doing is right for your industry, clients, friends, partners, family and yourselves, it’s the greatest feeling any man can ask for.

Day one—I am smiling because this is the place I want to be. Come join us and let’s make it the place where you also want to be.  I couldn’t ask for more.  The journey begins.